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Saddle discomfort is a major concern for cyclists and something that every rider will encounter at some point or another. Poor saddle choice can cause pain and soreness, can negatively affect your performance, and could cause lasting health issues. ISM, or Ideal Saddle Modification, is possibly the only saddle company that really gets it. Sure, most all saddle companies understand that the correct way to sit on a bicycle saddle is with the sit-bones, but ISM is the only company to completely delete the nose of the saddle, forcing the rider to be supported by the sit-bones. The ISM Adamo Road saddle makes lofty claims in the comfort department, and so far, they've held up to their word.

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It’s All About Comfort Racing or Long Distance

Aug 19, 2014 | No Comments

Wether Racing or going the long distance it’s all about comfort and making sure it’s a healthy ride.

Racer-Long Distance

Jul 3, 2014 | No Comments

Racing and Long distance bike saddles need to be comfortable and healthy to the rider.

Comfort Healthy Bike Saddles

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Comfort healthy bike saddles


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    I received the Adamo Breakaway seat and gave it a pretty good test drive. It took 6 quick adjustments on the trainer at home to get it just right. The bike and I then left for Spain. Twelve straight days of biking in the hills between Malaga and Granada. 950km and 60,000 feet of climbing and 42 hours in the saddle. No pain, no numbness and no issues at all. Exactly what I expected and more. Thanks for getting the saddle to me in time.

    Dr. Richard B

    adamo bar

    I had saddle sore issues 3 weeks before going to the Age Group National Triathlon Championship in Oregon and I was not sure what to do. I was actually thinking about withdrawing from the competition. I had not been able to ride for 10 days. My bike shop recommended your saddle for me to try. I did and I loved it. I now brag on it all the time.

    Thanks so much,

    Nina Griffin

    adamo bar

    My ISM saddle has greatly improved my comfort on the bike. Since making the switch to the ISM Adamo I have not had a single saddle sore.

    Gavi Epstein, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team

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