About Us

Bill first started his search for a good comfortable saddle that would be considered a no nose simply for the reason that he needed a saddle thatsenior biker arm up put no pressure on the crouch area. You see he has a problem that developed from prostate surgery and putting pressure on the crouch area created a wetting problem for him. Thus, he searched for a saddle that felt comfortable and was developed to save problems in the crouch area for men as well as for women.

You see, saddle discomfort is a major concern for cyclists and something that every rider will encounter at some point or another. Poor saddle choice can cause pain and soreness, can negatively affect your performance, and could cause lasting health issues. ISM, or Ideal Saddle Modification, is possibly the only saddle company that really gets it.

Sure, most all saddle companies understand that the correct way to sit on a bicycle saddle is with the sit-bones, but ISM is the only company to completely delete the nose of the saddle, forcing the rider to be supported by the sit-bones. The ISM Adamo Road saddle makes lofty claims in the comfort department, and so far, they’ve held up to their word.

Bill has been riding on the Adamo Saddle for 4 years now without any problems. He highly recommends the Adamo Bike Saddle for anyone riding each and every week from 1 miles to 100+ miles. This is why he decided to pass the word on about these great comfort healthy bike saddles to everyone that rides a bike.

Why take the chance of developing healthy problems over a sport you love.