Comfort Saddles

COMFORT SADDLES THAT LAST A LIFE TIME: For those riding on more casual bikes (commuter, hybrid, beach cruiser, police bike), we recommend choosing from our Comfort line. from our line of comfort saddles we have three key chassis designs, or shapes in this line: Comfort Fitness, Comfort Beach, and Comfort City Riding.

All of the comfort saddles are fun to ride on giving you the riding experience through the woods or around town that you are looking for. You’ll certainly like the experience.   See these comfortable saddles here:  Just click on the saddle of choice to discover the excellent specifications these saddles have to offer. 

Adamo Comfort Saddles
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Century Berkley ISM Cruise
adamo century saddle adamo berkley saddle adamo cruise saddle
Comfort Saddles Continued  
ISM Sport ISM Touring  
adamo sport saddle adamo touring sport  


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