We have 13 great comfortable and healthy bike saddles for you to choose from.  Choose your saddle preference either Performance or Comfort.  Then select your bike style. Take a look and then see the instructions below to select the right saddle. 

Performance Saddles
Attack Breakaway Peak Podium Prologue
adamo attack adamo breakaway adamo peak adamo podium adamo prologue
Performance Saddles continued
Racing ll Road Time Trial Typhoon
adamo racing adamo road adamo timetrial adamo typhoon

Select Style of Bike
click on one of the bike styles below:

Time Trial

Comfort Saddles
Click on the seat of your choice below for specifications:
Century Berkley ISM Cruise ISM Sport ISM Touring
adamo century adamo berkley

adamo cruise
adamo sport adamo touring


        male installation
        Installation Instructions & Video