Saddles for Prostate Cancer

YES, You Can Ride Safely 
Without The Worry Of 
Prostate, Elevated PSA or Erectile Dysfunction.

It has a lot to do with the Using The Best Bicycle Seat to Protect the Prostate

Many of our saddle riders know that it takes these requirements to protect your valuable crotch area.

Here are some important Choices for your Consideration:

  • The Use of a No Nose Saddle  
  • Saddle Design
  • Saddle Adjustments                                                                                senior biker arm up

All it take for that perfect ride is the right bicycle saddles built using the prostate in mind. After all it can prevent certain serious undesirable prostate problems from cycling, including erectile dysfunction and elevated PSA levels. If you are stricken by prostate problems, switching to the right bicycle saddle can relieve pressure in sensitive areas and enable you to return to a more comfortable and safe bike riding. New saddle designs require some changes in your effective riding habits in comparison to riding on your present or older seat.

Bike Saddle Design

Tipping the saddle up puts more pressure in the perineum, while tipping the saddle too much lower slides the body toward the nose in the saddle padding doesn’t solve this problem, either, Bicycle saddles with a wider rear saddle position for support in your “sit bones and a narrow nose for balance and bike control put pressure on the crotch as well as the bottom of the pelvis. Placing the saddle considerably forward or backward around the rails also causes pressure problems. Nosed saddles with cutouts for that perineum only partly ease the issue. According to the American College of Sports Medicine.

No-Nose Saddles

For individuals who have prostate problems, the perfect type of bicycle saddle should support the lower part of your pelvic bones but place no pressure round the perineum.  No-nose saddles have either two separate pads a single-piece saddle, but no part of the seat extends between the thighs. Studies regarding the effect of no-nose saddles on the sexual health of bicycle patrolmen proved the benefits of these seat style, and are in line with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

See below the seats we recommend that have been tested for no pressure on your perineum area.


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