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Since switching to ISM, I have noticed a drastic increase in my power output because of the way the saddle provides proper alignment to a riders pelvis and sit bones – something I had never experienced before on traditional seats. Their progressive technology has opened the eyes of riders who have been sitting uncomfortably and losing power for years.

Jim Hoffman

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Michael Chauner, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team
After struggling with numbness on half a dozen saddles I’ve been very happy with my ISM Attack. It feels great from mile 1 to mile 100!

Ariel Mendez-Penate, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team

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My ISM saddle has greatly improved my comfort on the bike. Since making the switch to the ISM Adamo I have not had a single saddle sore.

Gavi Epstein, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team

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I am always looking for comfort and extra power and with an ISM saddle you don’t have to sacrifice on or the other. By far the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden!!!

Kevin Mullervy, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team

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With the extra power and comfort from my ISM saddle I never want to get off my bike.

Conor Mullervy, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team

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Even though our ISM saddles look radical and different, they are the most comfortable saddles I’ve ever ridden. I’ve found comfort in the ISM Breakaway model.

Adam Leibovitz, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team

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After breaking my neck as a junior cyclist I’ve grown to depend on sturdy wide tipped saddles like the ISM Attack. This saddle allows me to maintain a neutral posture even during aggressive racing, keeping back and neck pain to a minimum.

Isaac Howe, Champion System-Stan’s NoTubes Pro Cycling Team

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ISM saddles have just about saved my life. I am now 59, and have been age-group Time Trial racing for the past nine years. A little over a year ago, I began to experience ED problems – to the point that after the National Senior Games in July 2013, I felt that unless I found a solution, my racing days (because I did not want to sacrifice my marriage) were over. Somehow, I discovered ISM saddles – have ridden them exclusively for the past year – and my ED problem is gone. In fact, I just posted an 8-second faster time on the same course this year!

Thanks ISM!


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First off I have just recently lost a substantial amount of weight, about 80+ lbs to be brutally honest. I am 48 years old and I haven’t ridden a bike since the early 80’s, when I was in good enough shape to compete in The Long Island Triathlon in 81’, 82’ and 83’. ( I specialized in the swim and bike portion, running has never been my forte’) However in late 83’ I was hit on my bike by a drunk driver and split my tibia plateau on my left knee like a wishbone. It took over a year before I was even able to put weight on that leg. As time went on I never really kept in shape anymore, until finally this past year when I was hospitalized with Pulmonary Embolisms at a body weight of 337lbs. Since then I went on a Hospital type diet and am down well below 250, I tried riding a mountain bike that I bought last year but it hurt me in the groin area. I switched out my saddle with a “BONTRAGER CRUIZER CRZ+”, but still after about a ¼ mile or so I was in serious pain. My Salesman Manny at the Carrollwood Bike Emporium said I should try out an ISM Seat. I chose the “ISM Touring” (mainly because it had more cushion than the “ISM SPORT” even though the Sport has a GEL Filling). The outcome is incredible, I am way past the ¼ mile point. In fact I’m averaging two or three 7 – 10 mile rides every day. This seat feels like it was made for me.

Things have turned around so much for me, in part because of this great Saddle, by next year I should be ready for competitive biking once again. (I still won’t run though) Thanks again ISM for inventing such a great Saddle…..


Michael F.
Tampa, FL

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My wife and I have been riding for 15 years, we started at 50 years old. We ride only tandem bikes and have logged on an average of 4000 miles a year. In my search for the most comfortable seat I now have 48 different seats. Last week end we did a 3 day ride and I put the Adamo Typhoon on for the 1st time for this ride and I can say you have the most comfortable saddle I have ever tried. Looking forward to putting more miles on & will keep you informed after many miles & my wife is also going to give a try. I think it may be the most comfortable saddle for tandem riders because you sit more than on a single bike.

David S. Whitehall, PA

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Hey there.  Just wanted to give you a quick testimonial on the ISM Touring Saddle which I received this week.  First off, I am a 330 pound guy so almost anything like this I have to question because of my weight.  I have had serious knee problems since grade school.  At this point in life, biking is one of the last resorts for any kind of real exercise.  I started this year with 3 different saddles.  I was unable to get any further than 2 miles, because of the seats, not being too tired.  I did some research and came across the Touring Saddle.  What a difference!!  My first ride out with this thing, I was able to ride 6 miles, with no issues other than time.  I have been riding daily now for a week and my groin feels fine.  I have also noticed that my back feels much better with this saddle.  I get done a ride, which I realize isn’t a 50 miler, with no pain except the burning in the legs from the hills of Vermont.  Amazing Saddle that I have had 2 other people try and will be buying soon too! 


Andy,  Vermont

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I’d like to thank you for creating such an incredible saddle! Today, I competed PAIN FREE, in a Time Trial for the first time ever!!! I placed 2nd in my category, shaving 50 seconds off of last year’s results.

With this saddle, I will now look forward to the Time Trial portion of my Stage Races and the Time Trial training in my programs! Thank you for taking the pain away!!!

Warm Regards,

Michelle Paiement
2007 Canadian National Maters Road Champ

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I must thank you Steve for designing such a wonderful saddle. I will just take a few moments to tell you the whole story.

I had been riding with the saddles provided by the bike manufactures for some time. I felt that they were causing me some problems because of the pressure on some sensitive areas. I went to my urologist for my yearly check up and when I was there I asked him about it. He told me that there are nerves and veins that go through that area and this pressure was not good.

As much as I love to ride I had decided to stop riding because it just was not worth causing problems with my health. A short time later, my wife at the time told me she had heard about a new saddle design.  

From the first ride I knew it was “right.”  It made perfect sense. I then ordered two more for my other bikes and have used them exclusively ever since.

I now live in Chengdu (West Central China). I just finished a one month bike trip with 7 Chinese friends from Chengdu, across the mountain ranges of Western China, into Tibet. Then across Tibet to Lhasa (the capital city and center of Tibetan Buddhism). We spent 8-10 hours a day in the saddle and I couldn’t be more satisfied with a saddle. That ride from Chengdu to Lhasa was wonderful but grueling. The ride from Lhasa through the Himalayas to the base camp of Mt. Everest and Kathmandu, Nepal was to be even more so. To give you an idea, we had to rent a van to carry food supplies for 8 riders for 5 days, two boxes of medical supplies, oxygen etc. in case we were cut off by rock slides or avalanche etc. I remember thinking so many times how comfortable my saddle was even after many hours of uphill riding through mountain passes. 

I don’t usually take as much time as I have writing you this email Steve but I feel that I owe you that much for designing such a wonderful saddle that allowed me to continue my passion for long distance bike riding in comfort and knowing that it is not damaging my health.

Oh… by the way… I am 63 years old.

Take care and good luck Steve.

Best wishes…


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I’m writing to let you know how your Adamo ISM racing saddle has helped me tremendously. I have experienced back pain on EVERY saddle I’ve tried. In fact, last year, my back bothered me so much on the longer races (half IM) that I decided not to do any long races this year (2007). In the off-season, I tried your ISM racing saddle and I experienced a phenomenal difference. When I rode on this saddle, not only was my back not aggravated (like usual), but it seems riding on this saddle is actually therapeutic. If my back is a little tight, riding on it loosens and improves my back. I think it is because this saddle holds my pelvis more stable with two anchor points (instead of one) and/or allows the pelvis to rotate more forward and thus reducing the strain on the lower back. As a test, after several months when my back was completely improved, I went back and tried the traditional saddle, and the back pain resumed. I switched back to the Adamo and the back pain was again gone. The JOY of riding is back. Everything is better, I can get more power into the pedals, climb better, time-trial better, life is better. I’m signed up to do a half Ironman this year and I am actually considering a full Ironman next year – the thing that held me back is no longer a problem. I need to get one more for my third bike.

Chris Sterger
San Diego, CA

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I’m the outdoor editor for the Pantagraph, a 50,000 circ newspaper in Bloomington, IL. I’m also well known as a fishing writer for several major angling magazines that cover walleye and muskies. 

I am an avid cyclist who did 7,015 miles in 2006 at age 55 despite being diagnosed with prostate cancer in April of that year. I underwent prostate surgery in June, and I wasn’t healing right so I had to have another surgery in September. All is well now. 

While off the road bike for a time, I had help researching what seat to use to reduce pressure in the area impacted by my surgery. I’d heard of too many people giving up biking as a result of prostate problems. I did not want to be one of them. A triathlete/professional bike fitter named Andy Sweet at Vitesse Cycles in Normal, Il., suggested the Adamo. I ordered the tri model (the road model was just becoming available) and had his professional bike fit to make certain everything was set exactly right. I have been riding pain-free since then.

I’ve put it to the test. I rode seven centuries from the end of October to the end of the year, including five in December. Two were back to back. Two others were in three days with a 50 mile ride in between. The longest century of those two was 124 miles. I have never once had a problem with the Adamo. None. I have since purchased a second road bike and equipped it with fenders, a rack and bag for commuting and light touring and an Adamo tri saddle. I won’t use anything else. 

Before the Adamo, I tried a couple of others suggested on the bike forums. But, with some minor modifications and cutouts, they are all pretty much the conventional design with a nose right where you don’t want one. I was in agony after 25 miles. The makers always suggest pointing the nose down to relieve pressure. That never worked added more pain to the wrists and arms.

Whether you’ve had prostate problems or prostate surgery, try the Adamo. 

I strongly endorse your product. It is terrific.

Scott Richardson

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At age 69 and post coronary artery bypass surgery, bicycling has been my life-saving form of exercise. Unfortunately, even after numerous trials of different bike seats, my limiting factor for duration of time “in the saddle” has been numbness in the perineal area, to the degree that I would not exercise to the limits of my ability. After using the new ISM™ Touring seat, I now have essentially doubled my time I can bicycle with the limiting factors being the usual physical constraints of age and ability.

Frank D. Tagliarini, M.D.
Internal Medicine
Tampa, FL. 33612

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I have been training and racing for 10 years. I am Cat 1 road biker and I don’t suck. 14 wins this year. I ride 10-20 hours most weeks. I honestly was considering stopping training this winter because of the pain in my gouch. NO JOKE. I have never been comfortable in 7 years. I have tried every saddle known to man. By the way I just got in a from a 3 hour ride… NO PAIN… NONE…

Sam Krieg

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I’m a 52 year old average rider who has suffered with uncomfortable saddles until I recently bought my Adamo Road saddle. This saddle is a life-saver. The conventional saddle that came with my road bike caused major numbness and “shrinkage” issues. I’d tried a very recognizable name brand saddle with an oval cut out that reduced the in-ride numbness considerably. However, I still experienced shrinkage, which let me know that I was still experiencing reduced blood flow. The Adamo TOTALLY solved both of these issues. Now, even during long rides, there are no ill effects at all. Over the years, I’d come to expect that the feeling of soreness/pressure on the perineum after a ride was a “normal” thing to feel. After riding the Adamo there is zero feeling of having sat on the base of your junk all day. Admittedly, the saddle feels a little strange at first because “the boys” are suspended in space in front of the saddle, but you get accustomed to it by the second ride. Go to your local bike store and give one a test ride. I thought the price tag was a little hefty when I saw it, but after one ride I realized that it’s worth every penny. Trust me, your junk will thank you.

Tom Almond
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I am a board certified family practice physician and do a fair amount of sports medicine in my practice.  I am an amateur mountain biker but put in about 6-8 hours a week in the saddle on the local trails.  Last year I thought I needed quit mountain biking because I was experiencing cyclistneuropathy (pudendal nerve and/or pudendal artery compression from the pressure of traditional saddles against the perineum.) After trying two other traditional saddles, including the center groove cut outs… the symptoms continued. 

I tried the Adamo Peak (for mountain biking), and had a professional bike fitting, and loved theresult immediately.  No significant ischial bone (sit bones) tenderness, and NO compressiveneuropathy symptoms. ISM’s Adamo Peak saddle has kept me on the trail.  I am very much appreciative of such a quality product, and wanted to offer this review to formally say, “Thank you.” I have since purchased a second Adamo saddle for my trainer to keep me up to speed over the winter time. 

Thanks again,
Family practice physician,  M.D.

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I’m really not sure what you mean when you say that the “Saddle” will take a little time to get used to.  If you mean that I would have to get used to feeling absolutely no pain the very second that I got on the “Saddle” for the first time, then yes, It does take some time to wrap your head around the idea that you just sat on the best “Saddle” ever made.  I can’t imagine ever wanting to use another “Saddle.”

Thank you so much for the single best investment I have made for my bike.  I can’t tell you what a difference it has made.  I can finally use my bike the way it was intended!

Thanks again,
Leonard J. Lindel, MD

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qualified70.3I finally settled on the ISM Adamo Breakaway saddle and absolutely love it.  Last week, I qualified for the 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater, FL.  I qualified in Cancun on a roll-down slot (13th in my age) and am absolutely thrilled!  I still can’t believe that I have tried literally EVERY saddle and every one makes me numb…EXCEPT the ISM.

John Gamba